December 15, 2014

Emotional Support

Close-up of smiling little girl

More than medical care

Caring for the whole child means helping meet each need and heal every hurt.

Play Therapy

Various child-led play therapies help our patients and their siblings adjust to limitations, manage anxiety, work through grief and more.

Social Services

Our social worker helps our families navigate health care systems, from insurance to hospitals to community resources.

Individual Therapy

Understanding that adolescents and adults may also have a difficult time expressing or working through experiences they encounter, individuals meeting the criteria will have the opportunity to work in a collaborative process with our clinical social worker through one-on-one conversations, held weekly at the PHS office.


PHS recognizes the fear and change that can come with bringing a child with medical complexities home from the hospital. Our materials and classes provide peace of mind and instill confidence prior to discharge and while in the home.