Complete Pediatric Home Care

It’s all we do. And we do it all.

Medical Care

Second-to-none pediatric home care with proven outcomes.

Emotional Support

An entire team of specialists taking care of the whole child.

Professional Support

Meeting the needs of providers and caregivers every step of the way.

Medical Care

Nick and Bernadette

Your plan of care.
Carried out at home.

PHS is currently carrying out physicians’ care plans for thousands of patients, many of whom are on life-sustaining equipment


Patient Assessments

Assessing not only the child but also the home environment to ensure successful transitions that keep kids at home.

Infusion Nurses

Wide range of infusion and related services administered by nurses who specialize in pediatrics.

Respiratory therapists

High-tech respiratory care provided by neonatal pediatric specialists at home using the most advanced technology.

Doctors of pharmacy

Experienced in medication therapy for newborns, children and adolescents.

Home Care Nurses

Round-the-clock care from licensed, trained nurses who know how to care for young patients.

Proven Outcomes

Low CLABSI rates, 97% customer satisfaction rate for infusion services, and more impressive outcomes.

Neonatologist and Pediatric Pulmonologist

Works with our care team and yours to ensure best practices.

3,500+ Equipment and Supply Products

All inspected and ready to go.

Feeding Support

Registered dietitians specialize in the complex care of pediatric patients and work with PHS pharmacists, infusion, home care nurses and respiratory staff to provide optimal nutrition for patients.*

* Due to high volume of patients PHS serves, there are set criteria for patients that will be actively followed by a PHS dietitian.

Emotional Support

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More than medical care

Caring for the whole child means helping meet each need and heal every hurt.

Play Therapy

Various child-led play therapies help our patients and their siblings adjust to limitations, manage anxiety, work through grief and more.

Social Services

Our social worker helps our families navigate health care systems, from insurance to hospitals to community resources.

Individual Therapy

Understanding that adolescents and adults may also have a difficult time expressing or working through experiences they encounter, individuals meeting the criteria will have the opportunity to work in a collaborative process with our clinical social worker through one-on-one conversations, held weekly at the PHS office.


PHS recognizes the fear and change that can come with bringing a child with medical complexities home from the hospital. Our materials and classes provide peace of mind and instill confidence prior to discharge and while in the home.

Professional Support

Lucas and Lynn

Your job, made easier.
Family lives, made better.

At PHS, we’re always searching for innovative ways to support providers, children and families.

A Streamlined Process

Electronic signatures

Less paperwork, more time-saving measures

Clear, consistent communication with all team members

Answers to every question

24/7 customer support

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Wed love to meet with you.

Partner with PHS, and see what a difference it makes – for you and your patients.

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Complete Pediatric Home Care
Medical Care
Emotional Support
Professional Support
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